At Simple Reviews, we like to keep things simple. So, here’s a simple proposition: send us ANY product, and we will review it for FREE.

Sound good? You bet it does!


Why Simple Reviews?

Our website generates several hundred visitors a week, and our content ranks very well in search. If you have a product and want an impartial review of it, you are welcome to submit your product to us using the form on this page.

Consumers are more informed than ever before, and they are becoming increasingly frustrated by the amount of marketing spiel and noise brands push out. We cut through the noise with reviews that get to the point and deliver important information quickly. We think good reviews should save people time, not waste it.


What we review

We review computers and electronics equipment, consumer electronics, cables and accessories, tools, health and beauty products, jewellery, sports and outdoor products, car accessories, toys, games and gadgets. If you can think of a product category we’ve missed, we probably review that too.


Is it worth your time?

Now, we know what you might be thinking – that we’re too general for our review to be worth your time. Well, you’re wrong! Our readership loves discovering new products, and we’re successful because we review so much different stuff.

Our website analytics shows our readers read 2-3 reviews in one session, and often of products that are completely unrelated. That’s the power of trust, good writing and a proper review format that keeps the reader engaged.


Additional information

  • We do not require payment for reviews.
  • If you want your product/s back, we ask you to cover the postage and packaging.
  • We hold all creativity rights over the content we create. We will not amend a review if you disagree with the outcome or points within it unless we have made a mistake, in which case we will rectify it very quickly.


Our readership trusts us to create reviews that are not influenced by the maker, seller or product provider. This is what makes us different. Our readers know when they come here, they won’t be sold to or patronised.

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