Model: WX426


I had been looking around for a portable Circular Saw that was not too big.  I needed this saw for several tasks.   I looked at many reviews, and in the end; I decided to take the plunge for WORX WX426. I liked the idea that it is rather compact, however, quite powerful with a Laser guide too.


The Worx Compact Circular Saw comes in a nice sturdy black heavy-duty plastic tool-box and has an orange handle and orange plastic lid closure. On the front of the box, you have a piece of cardboard secured in place, which has a picture of the Worx Compact Circular Saw, along with other pictures that show you what the saw is capable of.


The Test:
So far, I have not been let down with this saw.  I have certainly put it through a thorough test, as I had to pull up my living room floor due to the central heating issues. It was effortless to use, and it glided through cutting the floorboards with no problems at all, aided by the laser guide, which helped me cut nice and straight (worthy of note, the waste material is to the left of the laser).

The plunge cut is a great feature, traditionally without the plunge cut feature, if you wanted to cut out a section of flooring, you would need to have the saw running in the air and gradually lower down into the surface you want to cut.  However, Worx has clearly thought about this, and the plunge cut makes it easy and safe to use.


So, What’s in the box?

  • Handheld WORXSAW WX426
  • Laser guide  attachment
  • 2* CR44 Batteries (for the Laser guide)
  • 1* WA5046 120mm 24T TCT Blade (suitable for cutting through woods)
  • 1* WA5035 85mm 44T HSS Blade (ideal for Wood, Plastic and Metal cutting)
  • 1* WA5038 WORXSAW 85 mm Diamond Blade (ideal for cutting ceramic tiles)
  • 1* Allen Key
  • 1* Guide Rail
  • 1* Safety and instruction manual
  • 1* warranty card



  • Plunge Cut
  • Laser guide for maximum cutting precision
  • Maximum cut depth of 27mm
  • Versatile: Cuts wood, metal, tiles, plasterboard and plastics with ease
  • Quick cutting depth adjustment for easy setting depth
  • Dust extraction facility with a built-in dust port


Plunge Cut
The WX426 has been designed with a retractable base allowing you to plunge cut.  Plunge cuts are ideal for creating vents, putting in electric sockets, light switches, and cutting out sections of flooring.


Laser guide
The WX426 has been designed with a built-in laser guide, allowing you to follow a laser beam to enable accurate, straight cuts.


The WX426 comes complete with three blades, allowing you to cut through a variety of materials including wood, plastic, metal, and ceramic tiles.












The only criticism that I have is with the Laser Guide, it looks and feels very cheap (not sure if this will last the life of the saw) The laser has an on and off button and believe me you will forget to turn it off, so you’ll be replacing those batteries often. A slight preference, what I would have liked is an automatic function as well so that after 45 minutes to an hour the laser would shut off to save those batteries.


There is no denying that this product is made to a high-quality standard (except the laser guide)– it’s lightweight, compact, well designed and is plug n play. I have been using it since March 2018 out in the field, and I’ve had no issues with the operation of the saw (not that I expected any).