Please Note: I was given this product in return for a genuine and impartial review.


Model: TC-777


Comes in a black box, on the front, there is a picture of the condenser microphone, feels like its kind of embossed, the picture does not stand out that much due to the dark colours. They should have chosen a lighter colour for the box; this would have given a stronger impression with the mic.



What’s in the Box:

  • Pop Filter
  • Service Card
  • Shock  Mount
  • Instruction Manual
  • Desktop metal stand
  • Tonor Condenser Mic



What do you get for your money?
First of all, I have to say I like the look of this mic, and one of the first things your notice when picking it up, it has quite a bit of weight behind it. Now this is not due to the microphone this is the weight of the stand. This will help prevent your microphone from falling over, so this is not a bad thing by any means. The microphone is made from sturdy metal and has a wide area of mesh around it.



Setting Up:
It is straight forward in setting up as the microphone comes already seated in the cradle which is already attached to the stand and all you have to do is open up the legs sit it on your desk unwind and position the pop filter wire. Then attach the pop filter. Plug your USB cable into your chosen device in my case, my PC. After a few seconds, your device will set up, and that’s it your ready to go.



Sound Test:
For the sound test, I’m going to use my Toshiba laptop with the built-in mic, and then I will also compare it to a Logitec H340 headset with a boom mic. I’m at home, and my son is upstairs playing his music, my wife is in the front room, streaming her Grokker. And yes my laptop’s mic when you playback the recording, there is little that this mic did not pick up it does not seem to cut out any background noise at all, and your voice sounds like your far away in the background.



Comparing this inbuilt mic with my Logitec H340 headset, you certainly can hear the difference, now the H340 does still pick up some background noise, but it is not as noticeable, and naturally, as the mic is close to your mouth your voice comes through nice and clear. Now comparing the Tonor PC mic against both the inbuilt laptop mic and the Logitec H340 The sound quality is outstanding, your voice just travels through the mic, and it sounds nice and clear and smooth and cuts out the background noise well. You could use this for many applications like YouTubing, Vocal recording, Voiceovers, Skype calling and more.



You can hear for yourself (Coming soon)




  • USB 2.0
  • Triple leg stand
  • Polar pattern cardioid
  • Sample rate 44.1Khz / 16 Bit
  • Compatible with Macs and PCs
  • Plug N Play (No drivers needed)



The Tonor TC-777 Condenser microphone sounds outstanding looks cool and is a serious bit of kit comparing to other mics in this price range. It delivers smooth and clear vocals as well as cutting out background noise. If you are into creating content for YouTube, Voiceovers, gaming videos, Podcasts, then if you don’t want to break your bank account, this is defiantly your mic.


It does have some negatives one being it does not have an on/off switch which for me would is annoying as I don’t like to have anything connected to my PC I can’t manually turn off. But a lot of mics don’t either even high-end mics like my Rode!


Definitely gets my approval 😊