Model: CRP41Q


I wanted to replace all my coat hangers with the same brand and model (I have an OCD, what can I say)

I can’t stand all different types of hangers, sizes, colours. So, I spent quite some time going through Amazon as well as other websites looking and reading peoples reviews off all different coat hangers, I finally decided to purchase the Songmics brand, they have good reviews, and the price was also reasonable. The price at the time of my purchase was £13.99, which works out at 69p per coat hanger. (Currently, are now selling on Amazon cheaper)


For my first purchase I bought a pack of 20 just in case I did not like them, and I’m glad I purchased the Songmics, I have not looked back since. The hangers are well designed, built, and of good quality. They are made from ABS Plastic (increases hangers’ lifespan), and each hanger can hold up to 5 kg in weight. As advertised, they do take up less room than standard coat hangers and so giving you more room back in your wardrobes for more clothes! (Big bonus if you ask me) Since my initial purchase (28 June 2018) I have bought an additional pack of 50 and now I’m going to replace the rest of my old hangers.


The coat hangers boast a non-slip design which uses TPE synthetic rubber on the shoulders and the bottom of the hanging bar which effectively holds the garments in place. You can also use these coat hangers to hang your wet clothes on and then hang them on your washing line, saving you more space to put more washing on the line, the clothes do dry thoroughly! The coat hangers are also available in different quantities and colours such as white, black, dark grey and beige.


The coat hangers are sturdy, and I have not had any problems with them losing shape or bowing. There are a lot of Pros for this product see the list of Pros & Cons later on in this review, to be far it is hard to point out any faults but if I’m going to be picky, then I would have liked to have seen the No non-slip TPE synthetic rubber on the centre bar.


The Design:
· Chrome-plated hook that has a 360° swivel
· At each side of the hanger, you have a Multi-functional small hook
· Non-slip design


S-shape Design
The collar part is designed with an S-shape opening for easy hanging and retrieving T-shirt or knitwear, preventing the collars from being enlarged.


Centre Bar for Ties
Practical for holding ties, scarves or belts.


Curved Shoulder
The ergonomic design mimics body curvature and prevents clothes from bumps and distortion.


– Colour: Blue
– Material: ABS Plastic
– Size of each hanger: 41.5 x 0.5 x 22.5 cm (W x D x H)
– The weight of each hanger: 86 g
– Max. load capacity of each hanger: 5 kg


These coat hangers have been well designed, and they have thought of almost everything you would need for a coat hanger that holds all, the quality is outstanding, and the price is perfect.