Please Note: I was given this product in return for a genuine and impartial review.


Model: I26WAA


Comes in a white and red coloured box, I’m glad to say this bob is very appealing and they have put a great deal of effort into the design on this packaging. On the front is a photo of the product along with some features of the product. On the back and the sides of the box, there are key points about the features of the product.


What’s in the Box:

  • Slols Solar Wireless Portable Power Bank 26800
  • A Lanyard
  • User Manual
  • 24-Month Warranty
  • A Micro USB Charging Cable


What do you get for your money?
After opening the box of this portable charger from Slols,  the first thing you will notice about this power bank is that it is heavy compared to most (now that’s not necessarily a bad thing) in general heavy batteries represents good quality so I would rather have something substantial and going to last versus something that lightweight and can’t hold its charge after many uses.


This bad boy is in black and a mix of red throughout the design, it feels and looks well-made. The solar panel looks fantastic; the unit as a whole is heavy weighing in at 560g, the battery capacity of this portable battery charger is 26800mah which is a lot of power. To achieve this much power there are two 13,400Mah batteries inside. One of the smart things I like about this unit is when the solar panel detects light and starts charging there is a light symbol of the sun that lights up to let you know its charging from the solar panel. (not sure how long it would take to charge the full 26800mah from the solar panel) my guess is a very long time (I will update you on this in the summer of 2020)


With this model, you have four blue lights (Battery charge indicator) which represent how charged the battery is so four blue illuminating LEDs mean 100% charged, while three blue LEDs indicate 75% charged and so on. Slols has put a lot of design thought into this power bank, and you have four charging outputs (2 *USB, 1* USB C, Qi Wireless Charger) so you can charge four devices at once if needed. An excellent point to note here is that the USB C port is a two-way charger, in that you can use it to charge you phone or other devices, but also you can use this port to charge you power bank up too.


I do use this power bank regularly and can confirm it takes around 3 hours to charge my iPhone XR from 1% battery life now while I appreciate this is slow at charging you have to take into account that I don’t turn my phone off or put it into flight mode, so while my phone is charging I do have Bluetooth, WiFi connected, VPN connected and many other apps and stuff running, so to be fair this is not bad.


I will be doing some more tests on this shortly, and I will feedback and update this review in the summer of 2020.



  • IP66 (Rainproof, Dust Proof)
  • One USB Micro input
  • One Solar Panel (looks as if it has 22 cells)
  • Four Charging outputs (2 *USB, 1* USB C, Qi Wireless Charger)
  • One Powerful LED Light at rear – 4 light modes (18 Bright LEDS at the rear top of the case)
  • 24 Month Customer Warranty


Safety Protections:

  • Reset
  • Short circuit
  • Hardware shutoff
  • Output Overcurrent
  • Output Overvoltage
  • Battery Overcharge
  • Battery Over-discharge
  • Over Temperature
  • Input Overvoltage
  • Input reverse voltage


The Slols Solar portable charger is built to a high-quality standard, and this shows in the presentation. There is no doubt this will keep you out of trouble and charged for any occasion. The only small negative point I have is that you don’t get a carry pouch now this is a minor point, but for the price, I think you should get a little protection in regards to carrying this portable charger around, but this is just my opinion.


To be honest, currently, I have nothing negative to say about the actual portable charger itself, it does what it is built to do and does it very well. It looks great and is very sturdy.


Definitely gets my approval 😊