Model: Privise-5


You may ask yourself what is the purpose of this product, why would I need to cover my Laptop, Inbuilt monitor and or Phone camera’s, well you might not know but it is true any device with an inbuilt camera can be hacked and the intrudes can use the footage of your device to see where you are, what you are doing, and in general to spy on you!!!

So now you know! You can see why people like me are quite conscious of their privacy.


I’m quite conscious of my privacy and I was intrigued when I stumbled across this product. in fact, I ended up spending quite some time looking at all different makes comparing people’s reviews that were similar to this brand. In the end, I decided to purchase the Privise brand.


I was slightly disappointed by the packaging that presented the product to me. it was sent in a jiffy bag and on opening the bag the privacy covers where just in a see-through sealed bag. I feel the key to selling the products is presentation and appearance, and this leaves the impression that there has been no thought at all to this.


The Privise covers are very small and ultra-thin (which is what you want) and can be used to cover inbuilt web camera’s on Laptops, Monitors and Mobile Phones.


The covers are made from UV resistant plastic and are available in two colours black or white, they feel nice and sturdy and are stylish and stick to surfaces of your desired product very well, to make these covers easy to remove (if you so wished) they use 3M self-adhesive glue which means when removing them you don’t get left with a residue on your precious devices.


I have used these to cover the inbuilt web cameras for all our laptops and also our iPhones with no issues at all, all our iPhones are in Griffin Cases and they adhere to the screen protectors well. (My family have been using this covers for just over a month now and they are still going strong and have not moved out of position once yet.)


Once installed onto your device they are very easy to use, you simply slide the cover to the right to block the view of the web camera or phone camera and then when you want to use your camera again just simply mover the cover to the left and away you go.



  1. UV-resistant plastic
  2. 3M self-adhesive glue


I feel for the price of these products are overpriced 5 covers for £12.90 which works out at £2.58 per cover. Although there is not that much cost difference from competitors.


The product in my mind is of great quality, however the price tag seems high and the lack of well-presented packaging I feel lets this product down if it had good quality packaging that had a wow factor when opening up to see their product I would be better satisfied.


Comparing this cover to cheaper competitors that I’ve seen on the web they are slightly overpriced. But reviews suggest that the cheap competitors’ products do not last long.


Privise covers do what they are intended for very well. I would highly recommend them. I know I will be buying some more shortly.