Please Note: I was given this product in return for a genuine and impartial review.




Comes in a slimline cyan coloured box (frustration-free design) and protect the product well, the front of the box has a drawing of the product. However, it is not very clear on what the product is about from the drawing; it looks well presented nevertheless. The back of the box has a QR code, and website links pointing to youtube for an installation video which I think is an excellent idea.


What’s in the Box:
·         Two Klearlook Privacy Screens
·         One Wet wipe
·         One Drywipe
·         Easy Instruction card
·         The installation frame
·         Lint-free screen cleaning cloth (with Klearlook logo embossed)


What do you get for your money?
When I was contacted to review this product, I was certainly intrigued, I do like my privacy, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of this product from Klearlook.

If you have ever installed a screen protector in past years, you will know the pain of centralising the screen protector to fit just right on the screen. However, you don’t have to worry about that as Klearlook has come up with and installation jig that you place over your phone to ensure hassle-free installation and without the dreaded bubbles.


Also, an excellent point to note is they provide a link to there youtube installation guide if you are still a bit uneasy at the thought of doing this. I watched the video after ploughing ahead and installing the screen I had no problems with achieving a fantastic finish. I found it very easy and straight forward, to be honest. What I liked most about this privacy screen apart from it stopping people prying and what you are doing on your phone is that this covers the whole screen of your phone.


Note: The below video is not for the Privacy Glass Protector and is not for the iPhone however you apply it, in the same way, using the same tools.


Trying the privacy screen out after it being installed on my phone. I passed the phone over to my wife, and it certainly stops you being able to see what the person is doing on there phone even if you sat right next to them or peeping over the shoulder it is fantastic. Since installing this privacy screen, I have had some comments from co-workers asking me why they can not see my screen when they have been sitting beside me, which tells me not only is it working well but also I have very nosy co-workers LOL.


Now the only problem and to be far it’s a minor one if you used to watch a film or youtube video on your phone at an angle while relaxing in the bath! You will find you won’t be able to see it!! So if this something, you do a lot think twice, or just use another device to watch your video.


·         Rounded Edge
·         Full-Screen Coverage
·         Case Friendly Design
·         Keep Phone’s Original Look
·         Anti-Scratches & Safe to Use
·         Anti-Peeping Screen Privacy Protection


I am delighted with this product; it does what the manufacturer designed this for, it gives me back my privacy and stops people from prying. It is straightforward to install on to the phone and Klearlook have even made a youtube video to help you get the best results from installation.

The only cavitate if you use your phone to watch videos or clips at an angle like watching them in the bath then; unfortunately, you won’t be able to see it. The workaround is simply watching the videos on another device.


Definitely gets my approval 😊