Model: RSNL004


What a beautiful piece of art!


Before I get to the pendant itself, I need to speak about the first impression I got when you receive this lovely piece of jewellery. The pendant comes in a beautiful, well-made dark navy jewellery box, which is packed in a stylish black outer box with their brand on it – which makes it look really expensive and really just gives that extra touch of class.

I think every woman likes being spoilt if only a little bit and that box suggest already that there is a very nice surprise waiting for you in it. There is a lovely small micro-fibre cloth in the box as well to polish your pendant, to make sure that is always shiny. A lovely touch, I must say it gives you comfort that the jewellery is well thought of and is supposed to last long-term. It feels like the jewellery was made with love and care.


Once you open the inner jewellery box you can find the beautiful pendant inside. It’s very sparkly and I am reasonably sure that most women would be pleased with receiving such a lovely pendant, as most of us women like shiny things.😊


The pendant inside is a heart design with a sapphire heart on top of it. It is just the exact size, making it look really classy and beautiful. I love the small touch of zirconia on the outer heart, which gives it a lovely frame, with additional sparkle to it. The inner heart made from a lovely sapphire stone, with fantastic clarity it is so beautiful and eye-catching. With all that, the necklace looks really tasteful and it would be a great addition to any daily wear, or it can be a great thing to wear on a night out. The necklace diameter is 1mm. You will be delighted to know that it’s Hypo-allergenic (Lead, Nickel & Cadmium Free). It’s a beautiful piece of jewellery that everyone would be glad to receive!



This necklace is the ideal gift for either a loved one, friend or just for yourself. It is made to a high-quality standard which shows from the lovely elegant jewellery box that it is presented in. It’s hard to find any negative points with this lovely Rosey “Love of Stars River” Necklace and pendant.