Model: AJ-MTA001


Quality made brushes, Synthetic fibres, Fancy looking, Animal cruelty-free, and not expensive a must have.


These brushes were bought for me by my  Fiancée:


The Anjou Makeup Brush Set contains 24 pieces of makeup brushes, that are very functional and slightly on the fancy side, so they can satisfy the needs of someone who is starting their makeup journey or someone who is already a pro. With quality synthetic fibres you don’t have to worry about hurting your face they will feel like a dream comparing to cheaper brushes, and there is also a plus side for people who prefer to choose animal cruelty-free products.


The set contains:
• Foundation brush
• Large Eyeshadow Brush (x2)
• Medium Eyeshadow Brush (x4)
• Small Eyeshadow Brush (x4)
• Powder Brush
• Short Hair Lip Brush
• Nose shading Brush
• Eyelash Brush
• Angled Eyeliner Brush
• Precision Flat Brush
• Concealer Brush
• Eyeliner Brush
• Lip Brush #1
• Lip Brush #2
• Lip Brush #3
• Angled Brush
• Eyebrow and Lash Comb.


I must admit it is not your typical set. It contains a significant number of eyeshadow brushes. I have bought some makeup sets in my life, and some of them have a great variety of tools you will never use unless you’re a professional makeup artist.

This set has a right amount of eyeshadow brushes which you always have too little of. I love the big eyeshadow brushes and the fact that you get four medium ones, so when doing your makeup, you don’t have to clean them every time you change colour. You have a perfect amount of lip brushes to satisfy your needs. Two perfect eyeliner brushes are handy when you perfect your cat-eye.


All of them are outstanding quality, feel very nice and feel lovely on your face comparing to cheaper brands. The colour palette of the design of the brushes makes them look very classy, and they will add a touch of sophistication to anyone’s makeup collection! They would serve great as a gift as well.


All in all, couldn’t be happier with them!


There are lots of Pros with one contra; however, with the contra, you do have to bear in mind the price range of these brushes which I was comparing to the more expensive range like Bobbi brown. Comparing these brushes to cheaper brands that I have used there is no competition that I have found as yet. I would recommend this set for anyone who is into make-up or is just starting their journey. It is a beautiful set of makeup brushes that will also serve great as a gift.