Please Note: I was given this product in return for a genuine and impartial review.


Model: N/A


Unfortunately, the bands come in a see-through plastic bag. For me, this shows there has been no design thought went into the packaging, which is a big shame.


What’s in the Box:

  • Are you happy card
  • Six assorted colour bands


What do you get for your money?

The race bands are of good quality; the fabric is elastic and soft, which helps to prevent chafing. Each band are around 20” long and 2” wide which make them suitable for wrapping around legs and arms.


The bands have velcro at each end, which enables you to secure the bands around your legs and arms quickly. This also keeps the race bands secure but allows them to pull apart easily without hurting yourself (in case of a fall for example) while you’re playing family fun games.


Our test:

While we have been in lockdown, we have had so much fun playing games in the garden with these race bands.  There are so many games you can come up with! (you are only limited by your imagination). As the weather was hot and sunny, we played many different games. I came up with the idea that we (My son and I) would wrap a band around to join our legs together and our arms too.


We had a bowl filled with water balloons, and the idea was we both had to run to the bowl and try and pick up and soak each other while being tied together – and whoever was less wet was the winner of the game. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed soaking my son!


Product Warranty:
Lifetime Guarantee




If you’re after a cheap game that the family can play – then look no further! Our family had a great time with this race bands in the summertime. You can use these at a school, work or charity events. The only negative points I can see is the fact there are no instructions or information regarding what materials have been used to make this product (What type of fabric!) and how to wash the bands without deteriorating them.

My last point is that there are no suggestions provided with ideas of games to play. However, that said we have enjoyed this product, and we have managed to come up with a few games to keep us entertained.


These bands get my approval 😊